Monday, May 23, 2011

They made my DAY!

May 17 2011

Had a WONDERFUL day with Fasihah Roslan, Fatin Ab and my primary school peeps!
Setelah sekian lama berpisah dengan buah hati jantung I ,Fasihah Roslan, so that day at last dapat jgak kluaq dengan die. Fatin joined us too. Ouh ya, Fatin nie my primary school friend. 

Kitaowang pegi BJ ja coz after that we have a reunion party to attend.
Party tu starts at 6, so in order to kill the time, Fasz Fatin and me decided to watch
Movie nie sangat2 funnay sampai I tergelak terkekekh sampai POPCORN dalam mulut tersembuq kat org depan! okayh tipu! Tapi serius movie nie lawaklah!

Storyline die takla logic sgt, tp if terasa nak gelak, then you should go for this movie.
Shahezy Sam did a good job and Ejat (yg brlakon dlm Anam Mamak Menantu Mami) was damn FUNNAY!
Overall, if I have to rate this movie, I will give 7 out of 10.

Then right after the movie, kitaowang terus serbu KFC!
Actually, my friend Teguh Primadian yang organized this Reunion Party. 
He's working at KFC, so he decided to treat us.
There were 11 of us, first time pegi KFC dah ada org reserved meja and kitaowg duduk, tunggu waiter dtg hantaq the AYAM! WOW, rasa kinda COOL!

I was really happy to meet them after such a long time. Semua dah besar2 and op coz makin cantik+hensem! Ada setengah tu memang I xcam, after they showed me their IC, baru nak, ouhh yaa!!! hang ka yang selalu dok kejaq aku dulu! hahaha. Those memorable moments!

Overall, I enjoyed myself, spending time with old buddies ,talking bout 'THE OLD TIMES", laughing over the old same jokes, teasing each other bla bla bla and bla.
Wow, now I really feel like am growing OLDER. No joke man, 20 is a big number!yeahh man(usher tone)

So as we are growing older, let us treasure every moments in our live. Keep those memories as safe as you can so that nanti bole la stori2 kat ur anak2 and tell them how fun was your teenager's live. 
Paling Penting, we need to be a GOOD EXAMPLE to our child.
Makin Besar, makin Matang kita. So we need to repair all our weaknesses and slowly move towards the brightness of our live. 
Kalau kita sendiri tak berusaha nak perbaiki diri, who else can help us kan?;)

Lastly, I would love to thanks my old buddies for giving me such a wonderful memory. Let us keep in touch with each other. And bunch of thanks to Teguh Primadian for your kindness. Nanti aku dah keja, aku plak BELANJA okayh!

Bye Loves, Till We Meet Again

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 Hai, Saya adek Pierre Andree;)


 Itu Fatin Ab;)

I Love Barbie-Doll!

 My Old Friends!

 Semua muka tak sabag nak LAHAP Ayam tu!

 Itu Buah Hati saya FASIHAH!

credits to FASIHAH ROSLAN!