Friday, February 4, 2011


 Do you have a bestfriend?? I don't have a bestfriend but I have BESTFRIEDNS! YESS, today the topic is BESTFRIENDS!

Okok now lemme ask you, what your bestfreind/s  has/have  done for you?

Me?,They have done ALMOST EVERYTHING for me. I really should thank Allah S.W.T for giving me such precious friends in my life. YES, friends are important. Naa, you can't deny it eventhough you think that you can survive by yourself, but then you need friends to support you all the way so that you'll be strong enough to face all the difficulties in your life. ME, yes I agree am a STRONG GIRL, but then I easily broke down when am SICK or when sumthing BAD happen to me, YES, I easily broke down and my friends know that and I know I can freely turn up to them whnener I need them! YES, The've been there for me!

Now people, lemme introduce you the GIRLS in my life:

   Ayuni Nazihah ME Fasihah Rodiah Arifah

These are my GIRLFRIENDS during my highschool. I can never forget the old days when we were together, 
eating at the canteen<*tsk tsk, meja kami plg GEMPAK=BISING!*>, celebrating birthdays<*selalunya celebrate time rehat so that the whole school will know that today is that particular person's birthday!*haha>, 
sleeping in the class, provoking teachers<*not all of them*>, laughing while singing the NEGARAKU song, copying each others h/w bla bla bla! 
hhgaish, all those sweet HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES. Now that all of us have grown up and its kinda difficult for us to meet since we are studying in difeferent places which is far from each other. But no matter what, ALL OF YOU ARE IN MY HEART!

P/s : Ignore my FACE. Tyme tu muka cam coffee kurang susu! now, Ok sikit la, coffee cukup susu!hehe;)

Now, lemme introduce the 6 IMPORTANT GIRLS in my life.

She who has it all in order.

 YES, she is one of my bestfriend. Kitaorg satu sekolah dari sekolah rendah hinggalah sekolah menengah and now she is studying in UNIMAP, which is very near to my UiTM. Memang jodohla kan! This girl, she is a very quite type girl and serius xckp banyak! But then, if you get closer to her, pok pek pok pek, ckp xhenti! haha. But she is very unique in her very on way. I like the way she respects her family and others. I like her spirit to acheive her ambition and to ensure a good life for her parents. I like they way she potrays herself whenever she in trouble. Pendek kata, I LIKE HER VERY MUCH! My mom pun suka dia. Mama selalu ckp "Kamu tu, cuba jd mcm Fasihah"! haha.
One thing she has done to me that I can never forget for the rest of my life is,  during SPM 2008, I was sick(DEMAM CAMPAK)! I was relly down coz I was terribly afraid that I can't sit for my SPM. I dun have the srenght to sit for the papers too! But then, this girl, she hold my hand, stood beside me and took really good care of me without thinking of she might get infected too <*as u know, CAMPAK kan boleh merebak*>! YES, she was there for me, giving me all the strenghts and accomponying me too the examination hall. Thanks Fasz! FASIHAH ROSLAN YOU ARE PRICELESS!

She who melts hearts like butter in a microwave.

Kitaorang satu sekolah menengah and now satu UNIVERSITI! hehehe. yerp, she is the first girl that I know in UiTM. She was my roomate and then it leads to my BFF!;) Our story is kinda unique, kitaorang time sekolah dulu, sembang pun tak pernah. YES, siap jeling2 lagi! haha. Then while I was on my way to UiTM Arau for the very first time, one of my friend called me and told "sha, hg dapat uitm ek?? wowww. eyh2, dgk kata nad pun dapat uitm arau. ntah2 roomate hg pa ti." and I was like " hahaha, apala hg, punya beribu2 org, die plak roomate aku kn.".......then bila I dh dapat bilik, I went to my room, There was this aunt smiling and welcoming me, then when I turned around I saw.......NADHIRAH KARIM! hahahaha. MY ROOMATE! tetttttt. TERKESIMA saya! hahah. Thats the starting point, then we get to know each other well, I care bout her, she cares bout me, then the relationship grows until now! She is a very sweet girl. Whenever I have problems, she will be there to lend her shoulder and I still remember, when I was in part 3 which is last sem, I was sick and this girl she asked me to stay in her room <*we were rommates tyme part 1 je then KOLEJ memisahkan kami!*>, owh ya, I stayed in her room and she really took good care of me. Dia siap boh alam kol 3pg utk igtkan I mkn ubat! How sweet kan.Thanks Nad! NADHIRAH KARIM I LOVE YOU MY GIRL!

She who knows everything!

 ROMANTIK tak this picta?? She was my roomate in part 2. This tough girl, she taught lots of valuable things in my life. Dia nie kan, mcm my MOM. She will advice and advice and advice me. Kekadang I will be like, aaarggh! But then, I realised, apa die ckp semua betul2 belaka. Eventually, She did managed to turn me into a better person. I don't know if she realise that, but then YESS, she is something in my life. Saya suka sgt bagi die marah.haha. like, if she say YES, I will be like NO! hahaha. I duuno why, its fun to see her in her angry mode. She hates it but, I like it! hahah. This girl aa, if she is a boy, I will definetly choose her as my BoyFriend. hahaha! That statement is funny, but then I meant it. Dia pandai jaga saya except for die KERAS KEPALA banyak! haha. But then if ugut sumthing, she will definitely keep QUIET! haha. Thats my power! owh yaa, This girl, she has done sumthing that nobody has ever done to me. Part 2, I was sick again, this time FOOD POISINING, and tyme tu badan muah lemah gila! mata dah juling and MUNTAH, yes definetly that event took place too. Bila 2-3 kali muntah, boleh lg lari pegi tandas, but afterthat I was really weak that I couldn't even move my ass out of my bed! And kali ke 4 rasa cam nak MUNTAH, I dunno wat to do, tyme tu mmg nak terkeluaq segala apa yang dimakan and diminum tengahari tu, nak lari pegi tandas pun tak larat, I though am gonna throw up on my bed or wat but then THIS GIRL, die tadah my MUNTAH dengan plastic bag without any hesistancy. YES, she did that! Bukan sekali jerr taw die TADAH my MUNTAH, but then 7 times! YES, TUJUH KALI! Saya siap muntah atas kaki dia lagi! OO emm gee, if I was her, I dunno wat to do! Thanks Zana! FARZANA ABD HAMID YOU'RE MY GIRL!

She who was born with the flexes of a cheetah!

 HAIZI NUR SHIFAA. Unikan kan nama dia?? First time bila baca nama die kat attendance list, I though it was a guy name, then baru taw, owh this SWEET GIRL rupanya! hahaha. This girl, my coursemate. We were in the same class from PART1-PART4. Kitaorang siap tubuhkan group nama H.A.I : Haizi Aisha Iza. Budak nie sgt2 sweet orangya. Puji sikit2 cukup, kang OVER PERASAN! hahaha. die nie, sekepala ngan I and besh hangout ngan die coz mst kami muah gelak sampai tergelak2 guling2 gelong2! hahahaha. You can imagine ryte how funny she is?? Die pun lebih kurang mcm I, pok pek pok pek! This gril, I like her determination. She is very daring! Watever she thinks, she will just spill it out. YESS, petah bercakap! One thing I really love bout her, die suka tolong orang. Yess, I know, if I have any problems or I need any help, I can turn up to her and she will definitetly be there for me. Dia mmg ringan tulang sgt2! Time part 1 nie, ada sumthing happened to me, tak leh nak stori la, its very private, But this girl was there to help me! If die tak dtg, tak taw apa ti jadi! Thanks ifa! HAIZI NUR SHIFAA YOU ARE PRECIOUS.

P/S : Thanks coz teman aku beli hamper! haha;)

She who just can't be hated!

Ini IZZA, Peneman baiku sejak part1-part4. She is my roomate+coursemate. To describe her, she is a very quite girl and very secretive. But at the same time, dia nie WANITA CARING! haha. Die xpandai nak bagi nasihat ke apa, but then she is a VERY GOOD LISTENER! Almost everything about me I will spill it out to her and she will calmly listen to all my problems without any hesistancy. Yess, selama nie am the one yang selalu luahkan all my sad stories kat die, die jrg sgt2 buat mcm tu! Sweet kan die, A VERY GOOD LISTENER. Die nie pun sekepala ngan me gak. We the H.A.I grop, if lepak sekali, memang gelak mcm nak pecah perut! hahaha. and Izza suka sangat gelak! Whenever I story sumthing kat die, she will be laughing and laughing and laughing and it will make me more eager to tell her the whole story! hahaha. Me and izza,we love to share things. This girl, die pernah tgk saya menangis, gelak terguling2, marah yg teramat, merajuk and semuala! Sumtimes, she can really read whats on my mind and I'll be like, o emm geee, this girl aa dah masak ngan perangai aku! hahah;) You wanna know my secrets, go ask her, I bet she will never tell you!And she was there too helping me tyme I kena food poisining. I know she was really worried about me. I can see that. Thanks Iza. IZZA NURSAFIKA BE MINE FOREVER GIRL!

P/S : Thanks coz teman aku beli hamper! haha;)

she who is a walking fashion magazine!

 My roomate when I was in part 1. NURUL HUSNA=NUR AISHA. Awak paham?? haha. YESS, dia and saya sama ja perangai! very very the SEKEPALA! She's like everything to me. Bila I ada big prob or anything, I will turn up to her and she will be like "nangis b, nangis, nangis sepuas hati U k"<*note that I will call her bb, and she will call me b*;). She will be comforting me, inspiring me and she will be there helping me throughout the way. Nak dgq story tak, Dulu tyme part1, it was just two of us Me and Nad jerr dok kat CENGAL 2025. Supposed to be 3, but then ada budak tu pindah pegi bilik kwn die. Tinggal Me and Nad jela. memang konker abeh bilik tu! hehe. Then ttbe one day nie, kitaorang dapat tahu that there will be new students coming in. The 2nd intake students. Me and Nad  punyala harap xdak sapa ti masok bilik kitaorang, but then ttba dlm tengahari mcm tu, ada org ketuk pintu. Bukak2, it was Nurul and her Mom. Tyme tu of coz la tak kenall die lagi an. Me and Nad with the fake smile "Welcome" jela die. Then both of us decided nak keluar pegi Kangaq,tak nak dok bilik! Biaq budak baru tu dok sorang2! Then kami kluarrr, mlm baru balik bilik and Nurul was sitting on her bed time tu. Nad and I buat bodo jerr. Actuali Nad was trying to be nice to her, I jer la buat bodo! Then Nurul asked us "Korang nangis tak tyme Family balik." Nad answered "ha'ah nagnis la jugak" then Nurul continued " tadi kak I kol, mcm nk nangis lak" then she was kinda crying and tyme tu mulalah hati wanita I nie tersentuh. Tyme2 tu juga Me and Mad decided to be nice to her. Buat apa nk buat muka an, she's new, its not her fault. hahaha, then mulala kami tiga RAPAT and sampaila sekarang. I should really thank God for giving Nurul to me. She completes me. wuaaaah gitu! hahaha. And ya, budak nie pun GILA SUPERJUNIOR, GILA KOREA! Nowdays bila jumpa die, we will be ending up talking bout suju! hahaha. NURUL HUSNA I'M YOURS!

So Basically, these 6 GIRLS are very important in my life, They are my strengths. NO THEM NO ME! YES, fasihah nadhirah farzana ifa iza nurul, BE MINE FOREVER please?? I promise i will treasure our frienship till the end of the world. 

Chaomal Saranghae!

Thanks Allah S.W.T for giving me them!<3


  1. hye aishah,, kenai ag tak??? huhuhuhu.. yang yana kenal nad dengan fasihah je.. huuuuuuu..

  2. babe.. believe it or not i nangis baca post you ni.. hahaha.. yeah babe.. you orang first i kenal and i rapat kat uitm kot.. i know things between us kdg2 cm dingin skit, but u know i still love you kan.. hehehe.. you perasan tak most of your friends you tulis ni SUMA JAGA YOU TIME SAKIT???! hahahaha.. that shows how weak your antibody is ;pP
    anyway, I love you girlfriend!!

  3. yana: of coz igt beb! mana leh lupa. hahaha. GERGIANS in my heart aways;)

    nad: u nanges beb?? huhu. i pun tersentuh gak. coz am very lucky to hav all of you. DINGIN?? kekadang jerr kowt, tu pun sebab i think kita nie susah nk luahkan persaan. perasan x?haha. wtv, I KNOW YOU LOVE ME and I WILL FOREVER LOVE YOU. u igt taw, wtv i buat o ckp, tu muah coz nk protect you. coz am u fren. I WILL TREASURE YOU NAD KARIM!;)

  4. OMG,even this entry was posted like last week or something, I tak bace pon, BUT aiman told me that he was moved reading this post, and now that I read it, I was like,
    "Echa, u r the luckiest girl in the world :)"