Friday, April 15, 2011



Saengil Chukha Hamnida
Saengil Chukha Hamnida
Sarangaheyo KYURUL
Saengil Chukha Hamnida!

Sayang, Thank you for being born in this word. Many more happy reruns of the day and all the best for your future undertakings. Have a blast dear. Its your day. You go girl!
na nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu CHUWAHE KYURUL-AAA<3

P/S : saja nak end this entry with this pic! Hyohyon SNSD;)
                                                  I know you'll like it Kyurul.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Korang pernah tak rasa cam something heavy in your HEART and you dun have the energy to carry that heavy thing with you? Pernah tak? okay fine, apa yang I merepek I pun tataw, but honestly thats how am feeling. Berat sangat hati nie but I dunno why, I dunno whats happening and I end up crying for nothing. Korang pernah tak menangis for 4 hours without any particular reason?? Saya pernah. I cried like hell but I don't know why am I crying for? and at that point of time, I lost all my self-confidence, I dunno to whom I should pour everything out coz I don't even know what to pour out, and I thought am really going insane at that point of time! like SERIOUSLY! I sat all alone in the dark kat bilik kol 2 pagi and I was crying out all my heart without making any single sound coz takot my roomates terdengar. Then bila bangun pagi, mata I bengkak tahap maximum, I was thinking what am I supposed to tell them if they ask me anything but thank god, my roomates assumed I tgk drama KOREA and tidur lambat and thats why eye-bag teruk sgt. Hehe, nobody knows.

As I was sitting alone and thinking, tetiba terlintas, sejak bila I jadi CRY-BABY nie? Nowdays asal mnd sikit jadi ja I will end up crying.Tears like Tea. grrr, dulu xcmnie pun. Dulu besar mana masalah pun, I will tell my self to be strong and nangis amatlah jarang. hmmmm, Perhaps maybe am growing older and am becoming more mature. kn? I guess so.

Gwenchana (Its okay), now am back to not perfectly normal, but normal. Hehe. Tamo tamo tamo jadi CRY-BABY dah. I want to face all this difficulties with a BIG SMILE on my face.
Nur Aisha Mohideen get back to your TRACK.

thx Nur Azimah Mohd. Lovey dovey

Friday, April 1, 2011


SUPER JUNIOR'S SUPER SHOW 3 in MALAYSIA was a big success! Eventhough I didn't go to the concert but I still can feel the aura of my Super junior! Sedih sgt3 tadapat pegi.
Actually, I tadapat pegi bcoz of several factors :

1. MONEY. Tak beshla kan if pegi concert and beli tiket paling murah and dok paling belakang and just tgk muka dieorang kt screen. So not cool. Bek dok rumah tgk kt yuoutube kan. If nak beli tiket row plg depan, I need RM 400. huuemmm, pinjam bole? am not that rich;(

2.FRIENDS. Bila I cakap I nak pegi conecrt suju, my friends gave me a look saying "ARE YOU CRAZY"??hehe. They all cakap takat nak pegi dok belakang skali and jerit2 bek tayah! Jom kita ramai2 dok kat bilik and jerit. hahaha. LMAO! So, even if I go, theres no one to teman me;(

3.MOM. heehehe. Nie factor yg paling taleh ditangani. Do you think my mom akan bg me tgk CONCERT SUPER JUNIOR?? hahah. foget it. Lately nie bila I nyanyi lagu korea ja, she's giving me a strange look and I will end up listening to her lectures. hahaha. She will be like "apa la nak jadi ngan kamu? byk menda lg boleh buat. KOREA KOREA KOREA!"hahahaha. Suka bila my mom marah. Bila dia marah I will purposely nyanyi lagu "SORRY SORRY SORRY OMA OMA" hahahaha. fun fun fun!

So, disebabkan factor2 ini, I did not go to the concert. Tapi sgt2 la sedih bila tgk pics and videos kt youtube. Mcm nk ngs pun ada.LIKE SEROIUSLY.

But its okay, gwenchana. One day, one fine day I will make it to KOREA and meet SUPER JUNIOR there. YESS, no joke babe, am very serious. I will FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT;)yeahhh. 
Nur Aisha, start saving now okayh!;)*Berjimat cermat amalan mulia*

So, back to SUPER SHOW 3 MALAYSIA, in STADIUM PUTRA BUKIT JALIL,the 12-members(10 super junior members and 2 super junior-M members) of Super Junior brought the house down with their hit songs and covered a couple of popular American pop tunes. Mandarin songs were a huge hit and the crowd sang along with them.
Kudos to ELFs for creating a perfect Sapphire Blue sea at the concert! Full concert review coming soon, but here are some photos to whet your appetites.

Laser lights, sea of blue, giant screens…the stage was just awesome!

                       Dressed in all white…Super Junior rock the stage!

 So sweet! Malaysian fans showing Suju their love!ELF!