Friday, December 31, 2010

My NEW YEAR Resolution:

Booo Hoooo! and now its 2011! How fast time flies kan. Rasa cam baru ja semalam  lahir! teheee.

Actually, this entry is just to remind MYSELF that : Nur Aisha Mohideen Gany, you are getting older and older! You are TWENTY(20) now, even though officially blom lagi la(8.8.1991)*tsk tsk, note that people*, and the competition to live on this earth is getting TOUGHER and TOUGHER and TOUGHER and TOUGHER!! So you must prepare yourself to be a better person(to be the girl who puts her religion first before any other), to have the strengths to face the difficulties in your life, to be the girl that is well known by everyone(tsk tsk, in short to be FAMOUS) and to achieve all of your dreams and to make your parents PROUD of you!

Actually, its very very easy to type all the things that I wanna be in my life but then I know its very hard to achieve them. But at least, I should really give a try coz I know nothing is IMPOSSIBLE! *bak kata Jack@Farzana Abd Hamid, even the word IMPOSSIBLE contains the word POSSIBLE*!

So people, let us RAISE and SHINE! Whenever you have any problems in your life, just touch your heart and say, 'ALL IS WELL'!;)
and the most important thing here is, keep your faith in Allah s.w.t and InsyAllah everything will be fine!!

Let us make things happen this 2011. FIGHTING!



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Am Happy to be Nur Aisha;)

Sejak dua menjak tiga menjak nie, SELF-ESTEEM saya teramat la rendah!! I dunno why but I easily cry! Tears flow like river! Kenapakah?? Entah la, perhaps its just me.Grrrrr, I hate being like this! I wanna be the old hapi-go-lucky Aisha who don't give a DAMN on what people say or think about her. 

Where are you the OLD AISHA?? Janganlan bersembunyi, come nack, please. I need you!


Saja upload pic LISA SURIHANI coz she's one of my idol. In one of her interview, she said that JUST BE YOURSELF  AND EVERYONE WILL LOVE YOU;)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Wedding of the Year;)

LISTENING TO: Maher Zain,Barakallah

Last Week, time2 camnie, saya buzy sangat sangat layan tetamu yang comel2 and HENSEM2 (oopss, terCAPSLOCK)!

It was the wedding reception of My Darla Kak Azlina and Abg Azim. The theme for their wedding was : PURPLE! They really looked sweet together! manis sangat-sangat, lagi manis dari GULA!*wink*
Pelamin dieorang pun cantek sangat sangat! ala ala FAIRY TALE gitu!
My Darla looked stunning with her white gown!<terpukau saya>, and op coz her hubby hensem woo, ala ala Shah Rukh Khan la katakan. Lagi ensem dari Shah Rukh Khan! okay Tipu!
haha, tapi memang hensem la!

Their wedding was really really grand and fantastic!Alhamdulliah, everything went on smoothly without any prob.
The best part was, when the arrival of brides, there was these 4 cutie mutie flower Girls throwing the flowers along the way! They were so adorable! comel-comel sgt! macam nak cubit cubit, gigit-gigit! ok OVER!
Then, siap ada mercun lagi tyme pengantin masok!
Everyone was like STOP eating and their eyes were  focusing at the main entrance!*berpinar-pinar mata mereka*;)

haiish, at last Kak Lina berjaya jugak mengakhirkan zaman bujangya. Aku bila pulak? STOP it ecah!
So, taknak merapu panjang lagi, just wanna wish a HAPPY + WONDERFUL married life to Kak Lina and Abg Azim. CONGRATULATION! May Allah s.w.t bless both of you and hope your relationship last forever! Bukan setakat cucu cicit jerr, but untuk SELAMA LAMANYA! Amin.

P/S: After attending her wedding, like seriusly teringin nak khawin.hehe, ini open confession yer! sapa tak teringin nak khawin kan?? kan?? kan??
But i know, still long way to go ecah. One day, one fine day, after you have full fill all your dreams, then boleh khawin d! kejap jerr lagi! hehehe.
and nanti my khawin, nak buat as sweet as khawin Kak Lina. Perhaps, more sweeter!teheeee......*pejam mata sambil terus berangan*! la la la la la la .

ITS PICTURES TIME! scroll scroll scroll....

My Darla Azlina Jafaar! Beautiful!!


DUA HATI SATU JIWA! They look sweet together!



From left: Myra, me, Kak Nisha, Azimah.

This cute lady beside me is Azlina Eusoff.
Kenal die tyme wedding, she is very2 happenin and i love her!

Friday, December 24, 2010


<This entry is specially for those celebrating CHRISTMAS!>

Wishing all of you a HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Have a joyable Christmas with your family and loved ones! cheeer!

P/S: sepecel Christmas Wishes to my love SUPER JUNIOR! suju FIGHTING!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am a BLOGGER now!

Okayh, here I am. I am proudly announcing that i am a BLOGGER now! *yeeepii*
hehe, I dunno why all of a sudden I feel like creating a blog for myself. eeem, may be just wanna give a try!
All this while, I used to be a STALKER, stalking my friend's blogs! Then I used to think, "If saya ada BLOG, apa yg saya nak merapu kat blog nanti?? Bagaimanakah cara nak merapu?? If merapu sekalipun,org akn baca kew blog saya nie??haishhh...."
hahaha, and without answering all the questions, I decided to have my own blog and lets see whats the RESULT! Perhaps, I should be able to answer that qs later;)

SO, ladies  and gentleman please WELCOME me with a warm heart. Saya akan berusaha sedaya upaya utk tidak memboringkan para pembaca;)*wink*

Basically,nothing much to say bout me. I am very very very innocent <YES, pls trust me>!
I guess, if you keep on reading my BLOG, you'll get to noe me better.

So thats it for now, am happy to say that I AM A BLOGGER <excited tone>

           xoxo SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU AGAINxoxo