Friday, January 13, 2012

My Baby and Kitty

I'm missing them! I'm missing them to the max! Miss those happy and precious moments that I've spent with them! Yes, I'm missing my Baby and Kitty! I'm missing my Izza NurSafika and Haizi Nur Shifaa!!

Those days in Arau, my days will be filled with these tho wonderful Girls! Ke hulu ke hilir kami pergi sama2! Every lectures yg ajar kami confirm kenal the three of us! I can never stop laughing when I'm with them. Kan best if ada Doraemon yg boleh bring back those precious moments of mine with them. hurmmmm^^sulky face^^
But its true, when you're far away then you'll realise how much you miss them and eventually you'll start to appreciate them.
I should Thank Allah s.w.t for blessing me with wonderful friends. I'm really really grateful. 

Haizi Nur Shifaa and Iza NurSafika or better known as Baby and Kitty are my closest friends in Arau. Kat Arau if sehari tak jumpa muka dieorang tak sah! Boleh kata everyday I'll be spending with them!

I can still remember, time awal2 masuk UiTM, I kenal Safika ja. Haizi time tu tak rapat lagi. Then my first impression on Haizi tak begitu enak.^^punchface^^ Normal la kan. Selagi kita tak kenal org tu, selagitu we'll never know the real he/she.*so TRUE!* Tapi bila lama-lama dah rapat dgn Haizi and Safika, rasa macam taleh nak berpisah lak! They are like so my type! Very the sekepala!^^dancing emoticon^^

Now its almost 3 years since I get to know both of them and my love for both of them is even growing bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger!

So today, I specially dedicate this entry to my BABY and KITTY!
*: Minnie = Me , Baby = Haizi , Kitty = Safika

Dear Baby and Kitty, Minnie nak Mintak Maaf sangat2 if Minnie banyak lukakan hati korang berdua sepanjang kita berkawan. Minnie tawu Minnie selalu susahkan Baby and Kitty. Minnie mengaku Minnie kuat merajuk, degil, ketegaq, selalu nak menang, kuat menangis, cepat marah and etc etc etc! Tapi korang tak pernah cakap apa2 and sentiasa bersabar dgn Minnie. Minnie mintak maaf sgt2. InsyaAllah Minnie akan berubah and Minnie akan baiki segala kelemahan Minnie. Minnie tahu Minnie nie kurang Vitamin! Asal jalan sikit ja, dah tak larat and mulalah nak buat muka masam! But korang dua tak pernah marah but instead korang akan pastikan yang Minnie tak penat. 

Minnie tawu tak best nak shooping dgn Minnie sebab Minnie tak suka jalan. InsyaAllah, pasni Minnie nak jalan lama lama lama lama dgn Baby and Kitty! Minnie takkan komplen penat or anything! Minnie dah kuat sekarang! Dok rumah keja dok bina muscle! So boleh jalan lama2 dah! ^^show off muscle^^

Minnie nak Mintak Maaf kat Baby sebab Minnie pernah nak baling mug kat Baby sebab time tu tak waras and tengah marah! Damn! Jahatnya Minnie! But Baby tak marah pun, Baby cuba tenangkan Minnie kan. So sorry Baby!

Minnie nak Mintak Maaf kat Kitty sebab Kitty berjaga 3hari 3malam untuk siapkan project ITS kita tu! Sepatutnya Minnie teman Kitty, tp asal kol 12 ja Minnie dah tergolek atas katil! So sorry Kitty!

Minnie nak Mintak Maaf kat Baby and Kitty sebab Minnie buat hal time kita pegi Shah Alah dulu. Merajuk tak tentu pasai Minnie rosakkan plan Baby and Kitty yg nak makan time tu sebab korang lapaq sgt! Tapi Minnie ikut perasaan sgt and korang dua bertahan ja dgn Minnie.So Sorry Baby Kitty!

Minnie nak ucap Terima Kasih kat Baby and Kitty sebab selalu tolong Minnie. Selalu lapkan air mata Minnie. Selalu bagi semangat kat Minnie. Selalu make sure Minnie happy! Thank you sweethearts!

Minnie nak ucap Terima Kasih kat Baby and Kitty sebab sanggup bertahan dgn Minnie. Minnie selalu ja dok buat sesi luahan perasaan and Baby and Kitty adalah pendengar yg tegar! 

Minnie nak ucap Terima Kasih kat Baby and Kitty sebab sudi dengaq segala celotehan Minnie tentang Super Junior! Walaupun korang rimas tapi korang terpaksa dengaq gak!hehe

Minie takkan lupakan kenangan kita sayang. Minnie Rindu nak karok sama2! Rindu nak dgq suara Kitty nyanyi lagu 'Memori Berkasih' and Rindu nak dengaq Baby nanyi lagu2 dangdut

Rindu nak pi Jitra sekali, Rindu nak tgk korang dua beli makan kat Oren utk berjam-jam, Rindu nak makan dalam kelas, Rindu nak lepak sekali kat bilik lecturer, Rindu nak makan burger yg Baby cakap sedap tu, Rindu nak makan ayam goreng seringgit, Rindu nak naek Kereta Kancil Baby, Rindu nak makan kat MAI Cafe, Rindu nak buat assignment last minute,Rindu Rindu Rindu Rindu dan Rindu!

Baby and Kitty, korang dua jgn lupakan Minnie ok. Minnie takkan lupakan korang. Korang pernah cakap " Ecah if masuk degrre nanti, mesti lupa kat kami an! Mesti dapat kawan baru!". Sebenaqnya bila korang cakap camtu, Minnie takut sgt. Minnie tawu Minnie cepat lupa orang. Bila orang tu berjauhan dgn Minnie, Minnie cepat sgt lupakan org tu. Itu salah satu keburukan Minnie. Tapi InsyaAllah Minnie takkan lupakan korang dua. Minnie ada byk sgt kenangan dgn korang dua. Korang byk tlg Minnie. InsyaAllah hubungan kita akan berterusan.

If, If by any chance Minnie dok buat lupa diri and ignore korang dua, Please Please korang dua jgn ignore Minnie. If Minnie ignore korang, Minnie bg kebenaran kat korang untuk tampar Minnie and sedarkan Minnie betapa akrabnya kita!

Dear sayangs, Thanks again for being part of my life. There are no words to describe how thankful I am to have both of you in my life. Lets pray to Allah s.w.t to bless our friendship and may our friendship last forever!

*Take a deep breath and watch this sayangs! ^^love emoticon^^*

Thursday, January 12, 2012


First of all, Assalamualaikum! Wuahhhh, its bean Real Ages since I updated my blog! Sejak Kebelakangaan ini, saya sangatlah Malas, ataupun dalam erti kata lain, SAYA SEORANG PEMALAS! I'm doing nothing at home for the past 2 months and I should be free enough to update my blog but then I sangat malas bab2 nak taip! So, two months at home, bangun tidur makan on9! Thats how I spent my precious time! *basically I'm saying I spent my precious time by doing NOTHING! Oh, what a waste! ^^muka berkerut^^

Some of you mesti cakap kan, Ouh Nooo, ruginya pompuan nie! 2months boleh buat mcm2 kowt! hurmmmmm;(
I know, so thats why I decided to make a first move by blogging again! Nak hilangkan that PEMALAS ME and wujudkan the RAJIN ME! Paham? ^^eyelashes^^

Actually, setelah 2 bulan berehat di rumah *cuti tanpa gaji, I decided to work. InsyaAllah I'll be working as Cikgu Tadika again. Mom dah muak tgk my face at home so dia cakap, "At least, pegila keja kat tadika.Mama dah tak larat tgk kamu. Go go, go and teach that tadika kids bout your Super Junior!" HAHAHA! 
Ayat last tu membuktikn betapa dah malas my mom tgk me yg PEMALAS nie sehinggakan sanggup dia suruh I ajaq budak2 tadika tu bout Super Junior! Ohmy dot dot dot! 

So, InsyaAllah if dah keja nanti, bolehla I stori mori bout MY LIFE AS A KINDERGARTEN TEACHER! ^^geee^^

So dudes, I think its still not too late for me to wish Happy Twenty Twelve! May Allah s.w.t bless us always and lets start this year with a bright smile and positive thinking!

Remember, Only you can make your life better. Only You! ^^dancing emoticon^^

                                     Hello everyone! ^^waving energetically^^

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Born Day My Girl!

Hey its October 7 and not its time to celebrate my one and only forever girlfriend's Birthday, Amirah Farah! If you're close to me, then eventually you'll know who is this girl and how important she is to me. 

She is my cousin and the one only girl who knows every single thing bout me! She's my better half. She's the girl who can make me laugh and go insane with her 'Crazy Attitude' you know!

Anyways, Many more happy returns of the day girl! May Allah s.w.t bless you and good luck for your future undertakings. No matter what happen, I'll be standing right beside you and support you through whatever.

Have a blast!

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hey Bloggers, waduup? Its been really really a while since I visited my own blog! I'll be lying if I said I had no time to update, just that I was not in the mood to blog for the past few months!

And tonight all of a sudden I feel like blogging again so I guess, Welcome Back Aisha! I gotta update everything that had happened for the past few months and I know that it will take more than 10 entries I guess! But its okay, am having my break now so am very very free to take my own precious time to keep yalss updated! 

Finally, I'm done with my Finals and InsyaAllah am done with my Diploma too. Now I just have to pray hard for a good result and InsyaAllah if everyhting goes well, I'll be continuing my Degree at I don't where and and when. Lets just wait for the Edu Dep to announce it. 

So basically I'm on a very very long holiday and I have no idea how to make myself occupied besides watching my SUPERJUNIOR shows, I'm thinking of finding my self a job but I dunno where and what kinda job I want. My father suggested me to be a Kindergaten Teacher, which I used to be when I was 18 while waiting for my SPM result, but ouh pls no more Kindy Teacher. Borink aready! I want a job which will benefit me and my future. I just need time to really figure out what I really wanna do during this holiday!

But first of all, NUR AISHA MOHIDEEN GANY, pls go get yourself a car license before anyone labels you as LOSER! Go get it now then go find a suitable work! Ada paham? 

P/S : Please feel free to suggest me what kinda job should I go for. 

Lotsa Love.xoxo

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello Ramadhan!

Hey sayangs, sorry for not updating.Bukan buzy pun but very the MALAS! weeeeeee

Anyways, sementara kat Lab nie, saya nak ambil kesempatan untuk ucapkan SELAMAT BERPUASA dan SELAMBAT MENYAMBUT BULAN RAMADHAN kepada semua Saudara Saudari seIslam saya.

How fast time flies kan, rasa mcm baru ja dok celebrate New Year 2011, tup tup dah masuk Bulan Ramadhan.

So dear friends, nie sekadar untuk peringatan bagi diri saya dan juga untuk semua. As we know, now dah masok bulan Ramadhan. so.....

1. Marilah kita sama2 tingkatkan amalan kita sebab bulan nielah kita kena rebut unutk beramal dengan Yang Maha Esa. Bulan nie kita akan peroleh pahala berganda2 berbanding bulan2 yang lain.

2.Bulan Puasa nie make sure puasa bagi penuh bagi yang Lelaki, and bagi Perempuan, ehem2 phm2 lah.
PERINGATAN : Perempuan  yang taleh puasa, tayahlah tunjuk sgt taleh puasa. Join the "Puasa Girls" group.

3. Bulan nie, kita jangan bergossip2 ek. Kurangkan bercakap and tingkatkan pahala. Tayahlah nk cakap pasai orang, diri kita pun belum sempurna. Btw, apa perasaan korang if orang cakap benda buruk pasai korang? tak suka an, so kita pun tayahlah buat bnd yang sama.

4. Jangan lupa bangun Sahur. Bangun Sahur tu pun dah satu Ibadah. And time berbuka, jgnlah makan sampai kenyang perut nak meletop sampai nak bgn pun takleh sampai nak menunaikan sembahyang pun tak larat! tamau tamau! Sebelum masuk Bazar Ramadhan tu, doa dulu supaya dapat kawal nafsu.

So, Bulam Ramadhan nie kita ada banyak sgt2 peluang untuk dapatkan pahala yang berganda2! If kita malas, kita yang rugi! Jangan tuduh Syaitan if  diri sendiri malas, Syaitan-syaitan dah kena ikt! Sekarang nie semua, bergantuglah pada diri sendiri.


P/S: Try search kat youtube, AnwarHadi nya entry bout Bulan Ramadhan. Best!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Okayh, currently using Izza's lappy just to update my blog within 5 mins!


    Saengil Chuka Hamnida,
  Saengil Chuka Hamnida,
Saraghaeyo Lee
Saengil Chuka Hamnida!

Good luck for everything you do in your life and E.L.F will be there for you forever!


                               LEETEUK FIGHTNG!!! nomu nomu nomu chuwahe!!

 p/s : ouh how I wish Leeteuk will read this entry! -in my dream-