Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hey Bloggers, waduup? Its been really really a while since I visited my own blog! I'll be lying if I said I had no time to update, just that I was not in the mood to blog for the past few months!

And tonight all of a sudden I feel like blogging again so I guess, Welcome Back Aisha! I gotta update everything that had happened for the past few months and I know that it will take more than 10 entries I guess! But its okay, am having my break now so am very very free to take my own precious time to keep yalss updated! 

Finally, I'm done with my Finals and InsyaAllah am done with my Diploma too. Now I just have to pray hard for a good result and InsyaAllah if everyhting goes well, I'll be continuing my Degree at I don't where and and when. Lets just wait for the Edu Dep to announce it. 

So basically I'm on a very very long holiday and I have no idea how to make myself occupied besides watching my SUPERJUNIOR shows, I'm thinking of finding my self a job but I dunno where and what kinda job I want. My father suggested me to be a Kindergaten Teacher, which I used to be when I was 18 while waiting for my SPM result, but ouh pls no more Kindy Teacher. Borink aready! I want a job which will benefit me and my future. I just need time to really figure out what I really wanna do during this holiday!

But first of all, NUR AISHA MOHIDEEN GANY, pls go get yourself a car license before anyone labels you as LOSER! Go get it now then go find a suitable work! Ada paham? 

P/S : Please feel free to suggest me what kinda job should I go for. 

Lotsa Love.xoxo

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